Korea Institute of Camellia has a 20 year history.

100% Wild Camellia Oil (Japonica) is “Skin-like Oil” made in Tongyeong, Korea. It is skin-like because it's molecular composition is similar to that of our skin, leading to quick absorption and deep penetration.

Tongyeong Camellia Oil is 100% pure vegetable oil that remarkably consists of 85.7% oleic acid, which allows you to experience the feeling of fresh skin through facial massage and cleansing. Also, this amazing product is a non-drying oil thus naturally forming protection for your skin and scalp as well as protecting your cuticles from  external irritation.


We have created the world’s best Magic Oil and Original Essence Oil. Our oil is

cold-pressed and "unrefined", meaning that no chemicals or high heat has been used during processing.

We are proud to announce that we are the first company ever in the world to use a patented 12 Stage purification process for our “Original Essence Oil” and an additional 4 more Advanced Purification Stages (16 stages in all) to produce an oil free of strong odor while maintaining all the necessary nutrients, giving us  “Tongyeong Camellia Magic Oil”.

Apply 100% Yuja Gold Essence Oil before sleeping and your skin freshens up like baby skin in the morning. See amazing results in your skin in six weeks.


Yuja Gold Essence Oil consists of scarce Yuja oil (due to the limited amount of oil that can be extracted from seeds) and 99.99% pure gold. In six weeks you will have fresh and lively skin.

Other products include Camellia Gold Magic Serum, Camellia Flower Water and Yuja Cleansing Oil.