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  • Easy to apply.
  • Zero dry time!
  • Long lasting.
  • Nail shop quality nails.
  • Removes easily.
  • No glue required.


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  • 1. Tidy up cuticles (Do not apply oil or cream)

    2. Slightly sand surface of nail with a file.

    3. Remove any oil with acetone (nail polish remover).

    4. Cut sticker width slightly smaller than nail.

    5. Stick on starting from cuticle.

       (Leave a slight gap between cuticle and sticker.

    6. Press edges with toothpick.

    7. Sand edge of nail in front to back direction.

    8. Finish off with clear top coat for longer lasting nails.

        (Optional but recommended).


    Tip: The same method applies to pedicures.

           Pop any air pockets with a pin and rub.

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